All of our baked goods - like cupcakes, cookies, bread and pancake batter - is made by Sweets From The Earth. Everything they make for us is nut free, egg free, dairy free, vegan and made using all natural, kosher, 100% plant-based, GMO-free ingredients.


Yves is committed to creating and providing delicious and nutritious plant-based snacking and meal options for Vegans and Vegetarians.

Some of the products we use contain Mustard and Wheat Gluten. None of the products we use contain lactose.

All of our juices are Apples & Eve's 100% Juice or Fruitables. The Apple & Eve's juices we use are all GMO-free with no added artificial flavours or colours and no added sugar. The Fruitables line is made with fruit and vegetables - and is one full serving of fruit and vegtables.


At Alpahbet Kids we use Catelli Smart and Catelli Gluten Free pasta. Catelli Smart pasta is cholesterol free, low in sodium and fat and a high source of fibre. Their Gluten Free pasta is a mix of white and brown rice flour, corn flour and quinoa flour.

Catelli Gluten Free pasta contains no traces of egg at all. Their Smart pasta does not contain egg, but egg pastas are made in the same facilty.

Alphabet Kids is soley a nut & pork free kitchen - any other allergy free meals simply don't contain that ingredient. Despite our best efforts, cross-contamination is still a possibility.

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